Creeping Charlie and Honey Bee hives

Asked May 13, 2016, 10:53 AM EDT

Residential yard with increasing amounts of Creeping Charlie with my reluctance to spray due to two honey bee hives on my property. How do I SAFELY treat this? Previous site of lightening strike to a tree (approximately 6yrs. ago). Does that change soil composition?

Rice County Minnesota honeybees creeping charlie

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As you noted, creeping charlie is a desirable spring source of food for honeybees and other pollinators. However, its primary bloom season is April to June, so unless you are opposed to using chemical controls, treating after that can probably be done with little hazard to the bees.

Autumn, just before and after the first frost is optimum time to apply chemical controls. Otherwise, perpetual pulling is an option. In either case, persistence will be needed to eliminate creeping charlie.

Lightening strikes are likely to damage plants in the vicinity, but so far as we know they have little or no permanent effect on soil composition. However, few, if any, master gardeners have the expertise or training needed to answer this somewhat technical question.