Pear Tree not bearing

Asked May 13, 2016, 10:30 AM EDT

My pear tree had a few pears once or twice in the last few years. This year there are no flowers or fruits. I have only one tree. Can you provide any solutions. Should I get another tree? I only know it is not a Bartlett pear, but don't know if it is an Asian or English pear? It also have never been pruned.

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

Pears bear better if there are two pear trees to cross pollinate. Pear trees take time to become mature enough to bear. If you do not know what kind of pear you have, we cannot really say which cultivar you could consider purchasing. The following link has a pear pollination chart. Keep in mind that there are many factors contributing to failure to produce--cool spells, too much nitrogen, immature plant, temperature fluctuations, drought or too much water. The following link discusses pear cultivar selection. Asian pears look sort of like apples and do not have the characteristic pear type shape. Based on what your pears looked like you can probably eliminate the possibility that your tree might be an Asian pear. vw