Wilting leaves on young oak tree planted last year

Asked May 13, 2016, 9:22 AM EDT

I am concerned about a White Oak (Quercus Alba) that I had planted last year. It is a ball and burlap 2" tree. The leaves are wilted and do not know what is causing this. The leaves on the bottom appear to be more wilted than the too. Could this be due to the recent rain? The soil in my yard has a high content of clay. My lawn was also treated three weeks ago. I notice that the other young newly planted oaks also have leaves that are wilting, but not quite as much as the white oak. Could this be a drainage problem? Thank you.

Dakota County Minnesota

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Most likely your tree is suffering transplant shock. Transplant shock can be reduced by taking some important steps at planting time: good hydration, proper hole size, planting depth and planting techniques:

See here about planting trees:

All you can do now is make sure the tree is watered in drought conditions and hope for the best.