hungry rabbits

Asked May 12, 2016, 10:17 PM EDT

What keeps rabbits out of my garden, I tried to plant marigolds around it last year, they were beautiful but the rabbits just walked right by and munched all of my plants, broccoli, corn,beans....


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You may have to install a short fence around your garden if the rabbits are bold enough to get past marigolds. It is the smell from the marigolds that serves to deter the rabbits. Other 'smell' deterrents are moth balls, human hair (from a barber shop) or even some herbs (basil, thyme, etc. ... something strongly aromatic). Rabbits go for the more tender, succulent leaves of vegetables. You can also try a 'scare' tactic of placing aluminum pans on a string & stake around the perimeter - their movement will keep critters away. A dog or cat will also help. One other method is to actually plant an area with rabbit food to draw them away from your garden - or let a patch of grass grow to produce clover blossoms - not only to help pull the rabbits from your garden but also give bees a food source. ~DOT

Thank you, we put up a small chicken wire fence, not gonna lose all my hard work this year!

Good luck and enjoy your harvest! Glad I could help. ~DOT