yellow weed in horse pasture

Asked May 12, 2016, 9:11 AM EDT

I have 4 horses and live on Dagsboro Road, Delmar, MD 21875. I have expanded fenced in horse pasture and planted a pasture mix seed last fall and overseeded this spring. I am now seeing multiple yellow flowering weeds growing in the pasture only. The horses will not eat these weeds and they appear to be "taking over" the pasture. I notice that these same yellow flowering weeds are prevalent in other horse pastures on Williams Mill Pond Road. Can you tell me what this weed is and how to control it while preserving desirable pasture grasses that I have planted (clover, timothy, spore resistant fescue)? Frances Haberstroh 31479 Dagsboro Road Delmar, MD 21875 443-735-0732 cellular

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Hi Frances,

I think the yellow flower may be buttercups which are toxic to horses, a good reason for them to ignore the weeds. There is an excellent fact sheet on controlling them which also has a good photo of the flowers.

If the weed is not a buttercup, can you please send me a picture of the weed at and I will try to identify it and find a control.