Problem with asparagras

Asked May 12, 2016, 6:46 AM EDT

Hi, Last year i planted a small bed of asparagras. It was two diffent varieties. This year a few very thin asparagras came up along with the feathery foilage. It seems a few of the feathery plants have been eaten away while others have not. I weeded the bed placed weed preventative granules and mulch. I cannot visible see any bugs. Someone said its in my soil but if so wouldnt all my plants be affected? Please help. Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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Asparagus beds can take a few years to really get established, Time to maturity despends on what you started with, seeds or crowns, but either way it's too soon to be too concerned.
Plant defoliation on asparagus can indicate the presence of the Asparagus beetle. It's small at 1/4 inch long, oval shaped, blackish blue with four white spots or stripes. Early handpicking is a good way to handle them if you see them.
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