What is this plant?

Asked May 11, 2016, 11:21 AM EDT

Please help me identify this plant.
If it is an orchid, what kind?

Morgan County Georgia

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It is not possible for me to identify the plant from the picture but it does have characteristics of an orchid. The leaves resemble an orchid plant and the fact that it appears to be planted in bark chips rather than soil is also a clue that is it an orchid. If the picture was of an individual flower face-on it would help. Orchids generally consist of three petals one of which is called the lip (which can be quite exotic) and three sepals as shown in the diagram below. The sepals are behind the petals.

orchid flower diagram

That is a general diagram, but since there are reported as being over 29000 verities of orchids the colors, petals, sepals and lips can vary tremendously. If your flower has the general configuration shown above it is probably an orchid although I would be less sure of the species.

I hope this helps a little.