White Pine Tree

Asked May 11, 2016, 11:18 AM EDT

I have a White Pine in my front yard that is dying and I don’t know if it’s from blister rust or something else. It is closely surrounded by other white pines and a white spruce. I suppose I should remove it since it’s dying and it is in the front yard. It would give more space for the other trees as well. My concern and question is this. If it is blister rust, will I risk spreading it to the other trees by cutting it down at ground level? I’m not going to take out the roots. I’ve read differing opinions on blister rust and it’s spreadability to other trees. Some say it should be bagged if it’s cut others say it can not be spread. Also, in the last photo I took a closeup of a white substance that is collecting on one of the white pines. I'm worried that this could be the same thing that took the other tree. Could you advise me on these two items? Thank you. Cheryl Clark

Hennepin County Minnesota

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I think the sap is running because there is a canker underneath.
Blister rust does not survive on dead rwood so special precautions are not necessary when removing dead wood.
Follow the management recommendations and hope for the best.