Pruning a peach tree with Oriental Fruit Moth

Asked May 11, 2016, 7:49 AM EDT

I was in touch last year to determine what had infested my peach trees - curling leaves and oozing fruit. I was told that it was Oriental Fruit moth. I have sprayed the trees 3 times this spring beginning as flowering began per instructions. One o the 3 trees has curling leaves throughout the tree. I have seen instructions online to cut back infested twigs early in the season and burn. My question is "How much can I afford to cut back if the whole tree is infested since many complete branches are infested?". I look forward to your reply! Thanks. Anne Yarnall

Bucks County Pennsylvania

2 Responses

Hi Anne. I just sent your question to a fruit tree expert at Penn State. The tree is already stressed and I recommend you wait to see what answer I get before you prune. I'll try to get advice to you as quickly as possible.

Hi Anne. The Penn State Extension Outreach Educator for Bucks County is Kathleen V. Salisbury. She wants you to get in touch with her because she needs samples or photos. Here is her contact information:

Work Phone: 215-345-3283
I recommend you speak with her on the phone so you will know what photos or samples she needs. She is an expert in tree fruit, so she is the best person to help you.