Austrailian hops

Asked May 10, 2016, 10:58 PM EDT

I bought hops online for my husband about 4 years ago. At that time we had little to no knowledge of what each hop variety had to offer. I purchased some sort of Australian hop, but I have no idea what kind. Now that we are deeper into brewing beer and more knowledgable we are trying to figure out what kind of hop I purchased. Is there a way to tell what we have??? We have since bought other varieties that we know the origin of and this particular one is not like any of the others. Not only that, but this hop plant survived a Tennessee winter when a few of the other plants did not.

Coffee County Tennessee

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From my experience you will need to perform a hop quality analysis of the hop cones that is the only way you can get close to see what type of hop it is aroma, bittering etc. by comparing the alpha acid, beta acid and other characteristics to known varieties.

Really as long as you have an idea of these brewing characteristics not that important that you know the varietal name, you have yourself a special "one of a kind" secret hop for your brews :)

If you have brewed with them you may have an idea as to the type of brew this hop makes?

Good luck!