Have already planted Fuyu persimmon tree for more than one month, now Leaves are wilted

Asked May 10, 2016, 7:13 PM EDT

I have planted the Fuyu persimmon tree for more than one month. I ordered the pot plant from online nursery. It grows well since I planted it on the ground, the leaves grow bigger and bigger. However, today I see the leaves are wilted. Could any experts help see what problem it is? How can save my fuyu persimmon tree? Hope I can give the experts response! Thanks, Cecily

Montgomery County Maryland

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Plants will wilt when the roots cannot supply water to fast growing shoots. An other reason plants will wilt, is when there is too much water in the root zone. Check to see if the planting hole has sufficient drainage, we cannot see the base of the plant. Is it possible that it may be too deep? Suggest pruning the two lower branches off. Continue to monitor its growth and any browning of the tips.