Pine tree problem

Asked May 9, 2016, 3:36 PM EDT

The tips of the needles on this pine tree are turning brown. It's happening on the lower part of the tree and to only one side. It's about 3'x3' in diameter. The top and opposite side of the tree is nice and green. The side that is turning brown faces the house, not the street. The damaged branches are also getting nice green buds. It was planted as a 10' tree 3-4 years ago and is now about 15' tall. Any help would be appreciated.

Wadena County Minnesota

1 Response

It is very difficult to diagnose a pine disease from a single photo. It could be
Dothistroma needle blight:

or brown spot needle blight:

Or it could be something else. Here is a good diagnostic site:

If you want a better diagnosis, you should get an on-site evaluation by a certified arborist: