Rutgers 250, a new tomatoe plant. See NYTimes article 5/9/16, page A17.

Asked May 9, 2016, 12:48 PM EDT

Where can I purchase Rutgers 250 tomatoe plants for my home garden. I just read about all the research William T. Hlubik, Agent in Middlesex County who is with Rutgers Cooperative Extension in NJ. Also Thomas J. Orton, a professor of plant biology ane pathology held a tasting in Margate, NJ at the Farmers Market last summer. My husband and I drove from Havertown, PA down to Margate and sampled the tomatoe in the tasting and submitted our choice for taste.We are in our mid eighties and we remember the Taste of NJ tomatoes. Please answer my request.

Delaware County Pennsylvania

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You can purchase these directly from Rutgers:

There is a PA Greenhouse that also offers transplants:
Larry Omalia Farms
1125 North River St.
Plains, Pa 18702-1822
Phone # is 570-822-3805
Luzerne County, Pa.
Ramapo transplants available

Lastly, Burpee is offering seeds and plants for shipment to your home:
Phone: 1-800-888-1447

Good luck with your plants.