How to get rid of tent caterpillars?

Asked May 8, 2016, 10:56 AM EDT

I have a tent caterpillar problem but the tree is too tall for me to reach. Also I see another disease and I don't know how what it is. Can someone please help? Or, recommend a company in the DMV who can help?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Fortunately, tent caterpillars are not devastating pests. They can certainly be a nuisance, but they rarely cause serious damage to a tree. Their preferred host tree is the wild black cherry, but they will also 'attack' crabapples and other fruit trees.
If the tree is a black cherry and offers no other aesthetic appeal, you may elect to have the tree removed.
As for the 'other disease', we would be happy to help you diagnose the problem, but it would require you to submit a photo of the tree showing the significant symptoms.
Unless we can ascertain the nature of the problem, we are unable to recommend a treatment or another source of assistance.