Maryland logging

Asked May 7, 2016, 9:37 PM EDT

Where can I report bad logging practices in my local area?

Garrett County Maryland

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It is unclear what you mean by "bad" logging practice since logging practices are commonly misunderstood depending on the persons viewpoint. In Maryland, the avenue for complaints is for those related to sediment and erosion control problems. Prior to logging an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan is submitted and approved by the local Soil Conservation District in most cases. If a complaint is filed an inspector will usually visit the site and work with the operator or landowner to remedy the problem. Usually these problems revolve around mud getting in a stream or other issues.
The source of permits varies by county but information is available in the fact sheet: Green Book 2015 (extension bulletin 417) found at

The actual type of harvest used depends on the management recommendations
and landowners are usually best served by hiring a consulting forester or getting a forest stewardship plan prior to harvest.

The University of Maryland Extension also has a program "Call Before You Cut" that provide good information for landowners.

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