trees planted too close

Asked May 7, 2016, 8:32 AM EDT

I planted a tree due to old tree falling, In the meantime a Norway maple came up naturally and is the better tree. If I eliminate the planted tree will the branches that were crowded sprout longer and thicker. Both trees are now about 15 ft.

Washington County Pennsylvania

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I am quite sure that the Norway maple will grow into the space vacated by removing the other tree. Norway maples grow fast and produce a very dense canopy that shades the ground under them. They also produce lot of large surface roots. The leaves of this tree are dense, and cleaning them up in the fall is a chore that gets more difficult as the tree grows. Norway maples tend to be invasive. They produce a huge amount of seed that fly all over. That is why it got on to your property. You will have a lot more seedlings in the years to come.

You didn’t identify the other tree in your question. You might want to do some on-line searches to learn more about that tree and its characteristics. It may be the “better” tree to keep.

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Hi, the tree next to norway maple is a sugar maple. Just getting it's leaves.

Hello again. My personal preference would be the sugar maple. I had two Norway maples in front of a former residence. They produced many large seeds that continued to drop all summer and into the fall. They also sprouted everywhere. I now have several sugar maples in the woods around my house. They have fewer, much smaller seeds that tend to all come down in early summer. The Norway maples have much larger, denser leaves that are more of a chore to clean up in the fall. My sugar maples produce bright red displays in the fall while the Norway's were usually yellow. Norway maples tend to grow much more quickly and and produce dense shade that eliminates most plants that try to grow under them.
Of course it is your landscape and your choice. This is, as I said, just my personal preference. Best of luck what ever you decide to do.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I will weigh the options and make a decision.