Native MN plants

Asked May 5, 2016, 11:15 PM EDT

Hi, I've been working on planting/seeding many native plants in my yard. But, I need help identifying please-especially the ones from variety seed packs. Thank you, Andrew

Dakota County Minnesota

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Because you have the list of seeds in the packet this data site could be useful for looking up images of the plants you planted.
The pictures you provided are good and the seedlings are distinctive for someone
who is familiar with native plants. I will ask the team of experts if someone can identify these for you. If they can't identifications will be easier when they flower. I would also be helpful if you could provide a list of the seeds in the packet to limit the possibilities.

Seedling ID can be tricky, because plants look very different at this stage from their mature form. Here's are a few really good seedling ID resources for you (also available in print from Blue Moon Nursery):
Hopefully, these might be a help with the first photo - with the four whorled, evenly spaced leaf arrangement up the stem (though I could not find a good match) .

The second photo looks like common mullein: