Plant ID needed

Asked May 5, 2016, 10:03 AM EDT

Can you identify this plant growing under my maple tree in a patch of pachysandra? Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland weed identification burdock

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This is the weed Common burdock. It's a biennial which has a large-leaved rosette the first year and become tall erect with many stems the second year, which then produce the velcro-like burs that stick to clothing and fur.

It grows from a thick taproot that can be 11 inches deep. To remove it you'll need to dig deeply with a straight shovel and rock it to break the root, or use a non-selective weed killer with the active ingredient glyphosate carefully applied only to the leaves of the burdock, shielding the pachysandra with cardboard or something. You could even paing it on the leaves of the weed if you like. Follow all label instructions.