A weed with a sticker

Asked May 4, 2016, 8:00 PM EDT

My neighbor is concerned about this weed she recently discovered growing thickly in an area where her lawn has been water deprived and is very thin. They have rectified this situation, but until the lawn fills in they want to know the best way to get rid of this small, prickly weed. Each brown center in the picture is a collection of seeds, each seed has one spine attached to it. Unfortunately it is going to seed now; you wouldn't want a kid to run barefoot across it!

Is this lawn burweed?


Tarrant County Texas

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From the looks of your picture, it appears to be burweed.

Lawn burweed (Soliva sessilis) is a winter annual that germinates throughout thin turf in the fall months as temperatures cool. It remains small and inconspicuous during the cold winter months. However, as temperatures warm in the early spring, lawn burweed initiates a period of rapid growth and begins to form spine-tipped burs in the leaf axils. The seed is contained within the hooked bur.

Plants can be sprayed with a post emergence herbicide in December, January, February before burs develop to manage young plants. Plants can be hoed and pulled out now in spring with many of the burs removed as well, but still some seeds will be left behind. Yes, in the fall is the time to apply a pre-emergent product for control. Also, proper mowing and fertilization in this growing season will be beneficial.

Hope that helps?


Ironically, after I submitted the question, I noticed info further down the page about burweed, which sure looked like it. So I edited to ask about it specifically....thank you for the verification!