Is there a liquid systemic weed killer that can be used around existing...

Asked May 4, 2016, 7:26 PM EDT

Is there a liquid systemic weed killer that can be used around existing plants without harming them?


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It depends on which plants you are trying to kill, and which ones you don't want to kill.

If you are asking is there a control you apply to soil that will kill growing weeds, then no, I don't know of any. Weed killers are applied to the actively growing parts of the plant.

If you are trying to kill something like creeping charlie ( a 'broadleaf weed') in a bed of flowers or perennials, then you must apply the weed killer to the growing weeds without touching the desirable plants. You would need to apply a chemical like glyphosate or triclopyr just to the weed without it touching the plants you are keeping.

If you are trying to kill grass plants growing up in a bed of flowers and perennials (like periwinkle, or creeping evergreen junipers) then yes there is a chemical that is applied to the grassy weeds that wont harm your desirable plants with some qualifications.

To kill grasses and grassy weeds without harming most garden plants look for a product with the active ingredient fluazifop-p-butyl. ( one example is called Grass-b-gon. I am not endorsing a particular brand, just giving you an example.) Always read the label of the product you have and follow all directions and precautions. Fluazifop can harm or kill some perennials like daylilies, iris, gladiolus, lilies, and can burn the foliage of some other plants, too. The label,will,tell you which ones.

Here is an article on quackgrass control options in garden beds. These techniques you may find helpful for controlling other weeds too.

MSU has a nice website for turf weeds that will tell you which chemicals control which weeds-

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