Hibiscus help.

Asked May 4, 2016, 6:38 PM EDT

We planted 14 Hibiscus plants on each side of the walk way in front of the house and I didn't know that they required so much care or I would have planted something however there in now and they look great. But I'm having problems with the winters. It does not get down to 30 degrees but maybe twice a year if that. What can we do to keep the warm and healthy? We bought those Plankits but they didn't seem to work. Thank you..

Contra Costa County California

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In Maryland, we can only grow tropical hibiscus as patio plant that we either let die or move them in as houseplants for the winter.
Here is a link to your Contra Costa County University of California Extension office. They have Master Gardeners, who should be able to advise you.