wild grape vine

Asked May 4, 2016, 5:08 PM EDT

I have in the past had some success getting rid of wild grape by cutting the vine and dropping Tordon RTU on the cut near the ground. Today I was out trying the same thing, except when I made the cut in the vine the water nearly poured out of both above and below the cut. Pouring the Tordon then looked like it was washed away by the fluids from the plant. I know I could wait until a better time when maybe after fully leafed out plants reduce the water draw from the ground. My question is this: does it matter? Will the Tordon do the job anyway? Thank you.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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I really think you should wait until the sap has stopped pumping so hard. A couple more weeks and it should be better. I'm sure the herbicide was mostly washed away.