growing strawberries

Asked May 4, 2016, 2:32 PM EDT

I have a few ever-bearing strawberry plants, about 3 years old. I planted a few June bearing plants last spring, and they did well last year. Of course there were no berries in that first year. I covered all with straw over the winter. I have a good showing above the straw on both kinds of plants, except they are all a bit yellowish. I will uncover them soon. The everbearers have only had very little berries previous summers. I'm wondering if I need to amend my soil (they are not planted in the same area of my garden). Is there someplace I can have a soil sample tested? Any other suggestions?

Weld County Colorado fruits and vegetables

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I will send along a garden notes page on growing strawberries in Colorado. Your everbearers may be on their last year, as strawberries typically need replacing after year 3. Covering with straw in an excellent practice as you will read in the attachment. They are ready to be uncovered now. The yellowish should improve when they get some light. Some fertilizer as mentioned in the attachment may increase the size of the berries. You can have your soil tested at Colorado State University. You can pick up a sample kit in the Weld County extension office at Island Grove park. Just follow the simple instructions.

You can also follow the steps on the CSU soil testing website and submit a soil test without coming into the Greeley office. Here's the link: Good luck with your strawberries!