Mosquitoes by front door

Asked May 3, 2016, 7:20 PM EDT

What is your recommendation about what to do or who to consult? At my daughter's front door area there are lots of mosquitoes. This is a new development this year. We suggested that they look for clogged gutters and wonder about spraying something. Thank you for your information or referral.

Benton County Oregon

1 Response

I understand that you live in Benton County. You didn’t say where your daughter lives? If your daughter lives in our area of the Willamette Valley I am surprised that she would have a significant number of mosquitoes this early in the year. Is she sure the ‘pests’ are mosquitoes? We do have some other insect, like crane flies, that may congregate around homes at this time of year. Crane flies do look much like mosquitoes, great big mosquitoes. There are several fine companies in the Corvallis area that provide pest control. When selecting one of the pest control companies be sure to only pick one that is licensed and certified by the State and is bonded. The pest control company personnel can accurately identify insects and provide a proper control. Here is a link with information on how to pick a pest control company. Thank you for contacting “Ask an Expert”.