How do I build a pond?

Asked May 3, 2016, 4:36 PM EDT

I own a 60-acre farm and want to build a pond on a hillside to store water for watering crops and livestock. I also want to stock it with game fish (e.g. blue gill, largemouth bass, and catfish). How do I do that, practically and legally? First, are there local resources that can help me ensure my pond's design and construction will be successful? I have equipment to do the work myself, but I want to be reasonable confident that my efforts will leave me with more than an expensive hole in the ground. Second, what are my legal obligations? For example, I learned that the ODFW requires a permit to transport live fish for stocking the pond. What other agencies do I need to contact? Where do I start?

Benton County Oregon ponds

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Your first step will be to contact the Department of State Lands to begin the process of getting permitted to remove the soil necessary to begin the construction of a pond. They are the permitting department for that step. Then you will need to work with the Oregon Department of Water Resources to get permitted if your are planning to fill the pond via a stream, spring or other water source that will require a water right.