pear fruit drop

Asked May 3, 2016, 3:59 PM EDT

we loose most of the premature pears and i have noticed black discoloration on some of the leaves with some bumps and ridging on tops,i suppose its fungal.I would appreciate recommendations on diagnosis and treatment methods.

Multnomah County Oregon

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This actually looks like the pear leaf blister mite and is not a disease. This is a very small mite that is living within the dark spots on your pear leaves, causing the bumps. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done now that the mites are within the leaves. Control is done in the fall or winter. More information is below regarding this pest:

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Thanks for the information ,
do you think this accounts for fruit not setting well?We are lucky if we get two or three pears per season.


How old is your tree? Do you do any sprays for the management of pests or diseases?

I found a couple sources that said this mite can lead to fruit loss, but I think it is uncommon. How much of tree's leaves have this damage?

Thank you - Heather Stoven

I think the tree is 15 to 20 years old and have never have used sprays on it. It used to get more limited sun exposure as it is a dwarf and was near a large walnut tree. This is the second year with full exposure and I thought it might have been a light issue that limited fruit we got, which was usually 6-12 full size pears depending on animal predation I only find some areas with the damage as shown in the photo over all leaves seem normal. thanks for your time, Mikel

Are there any other pear trees nearby? it may not be getting cross pollinated if you have not had good fruit production and the tree is over 15 years old. Below is a link to information about pear pollinizers:

Also, below is a fruit tree guide for managing diseases and insects. It has some information on blister mites and other plant health issues that you may encounter:


Thanks for treatment list, I do have a second tree close by as a pollinator and it usually has a few fruits though it's smaller and a graft on dogwood.
About 12to15ft away from the other tree.
Thanks again for all your time on this ,its great information