Asked May 2, 2016, 7:48 PM EDT

My garden needs immediate help to fight CATERPILLARS: they are everywhere and I am afraid even to go outside...Most of my neighbors around don't care and not going to do anything , but there trees are covered by the web with those caterpillars...Please, help!

Baltimore County Maryland

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These are Eastern tent caterpillars. There are a lot this year (the population varies from year to year depending on the weather.) They are harmless to people and do not get in homes. They'll be gone in a few days. They do eat leaves, but because they are native and evolved along with our trees, they do not kill trees normally.

We'd recommend that you hose them off the house if they bother you. They are a big food source for our native birds, so you wouldn't want to use a pesticide that left contaminated tasty worms around for birds to eat.

Here's our website information with control tips: