Camellia sasanqua has browning leaves

Asked May 2, 2016, 7:08 PM EDT

Our fairly large and well-established camellia sasanqua's leaves started turning brown about 6 weeks ago, right after some moderate pruning. At first I thought it had not gotten enough water, so I watered it and gave it a bit of hollytone. Now it has been raining quite frequently, and I can't tell if the problem is progressing to other leaves but I believe it may be. A couple of leaves looked like they may have small black dots, but on the whole it looks mainly like brown tips with no dots or spotting. Other leaves appear to be turning yellowish. The shrub is Northeast facing. I'm hoping this is just drought and some frost damage, and will rebound. This is close to a southern magnolia tree that has been suffering from some blotchy leaves as well. Please help! Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

We cannot say for sure but the camellia may have been subject to some winter/frost damage. See our website for more information. In the fall be sure to water your broadleaf evergreens up until the ground freezes so there is adequate moisture in the soil. At this point monitor the shrub and water during dry periods. Send us additional photos if symptoms progress.