HELP! It's an evergreen octopus!

Asked May 2, 2016, 6:05 PM EDT

Hi! Found this today on an evergreen in my front yard. YIKES!!! It looks like an orange evergreen octopus...HELP, what is it and what do I do with it? There are about 5 or 6 that I can see, there may be more...thnx and have a great day! L.

Howard County Maryland

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Weird looking, aren't they?
These are cedar-apple rust galls that occur on our native Eastern Red Cedar(Juniperus virginiana). It is a strange disease that requires two, alternate hosts. There are a lot this year; it depends on weather conditions how many occur from year to year.

It is not of much concern on the evergreen tree, but then it spends the other half of it's life affecting apple trees within a half mile away.
Here is our page about them that you should enjoy reading:

There is nothing you need to do. Just enjoy the weir

Thnx that helps a lot! One related issue...I have an apple tree on the property. Is it already infected or can I can I save it by cutting off the orange evergreen octopuses? Thnx again, I am eagerly awaiting an answer, ready to take action.

In order to protect apples from getting rust, the trees need to be sprayed when flower buds are in the tight cluster stage, pink stage, bloom stage, petal fall, and then 10 days later. The last two sprays are very important.

Unless your apple tree hasn't bloomed yet, it's likely to be infected. But some years there is much less infection that other years. It's very weather dependent. You can always cut off the cedar apple rust galls from your evergreen with the goal of decreasing the amount of infectious material in the vicinity. This might be especially worthwhile if the galls are easy to reach.