Will woopeckers go after painted/treated wood?

Asked May 2, 2016, 2:03 PM EDT

I ask this question because our deck has severe water damage that our insurance company refuses to pay for. A woodpecker has been up there but my supposition is that there was water damage first which created an environment for bugs, which attracted the woodpecker. My insurance company does not agree and will not pay for the damage because it claims the damage was due to an animal not weather. Please help!

Travis County Texas

2 Responses

Sorry to hear about your damage. Woodpeckers are known to "go after" structures and damage a variety of wood types. Here is an article from the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management with information related to your question under the Damage and Damage Identification section.


I appreciate the quick response! I actually read this article before posting the question. We live in an densely wooded area which is adjacent to a State Park so food resources are not limited around here. Was hoping that if perhaps I had an expert that said it is unlikely for them to bore into painted or treated wood unless there was insect activity that perhaps the insurance adjuster might reconsider. :)