small leaves and tiny apples on a honeycrisp last two years

Asked May 2, 2016, 11:47 AM EDT

Is it a cut down or is there something i can do to help it? The leaves are just tiny and apples marble sized last year. Leaves yellowish as well. All was well the several years before that. Is it possible that in spraying round up on some thistles below it i may have damaged it? Pretty careful.

Wright County Minnesota

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It's hard to say what might be going on without some good photos of the leaves, apples and whole tree. Some insects, or disease processes can cause these symptoms. It could be a sign of a nutritional deficiency, and then, it is entirely possible that this is herbicide damage caused by the Roundup spray.

Do you notice any growths on the branches or trunk? Has the tree been consistently watered? Have you used any fertilizers for the tree or in the surrounding area? Has there been any soil compaction near the tree - like construction work, or vehicles driving over the soil?

In the meantime, take a look at this list of diagnostic photos and descriptions to see if any of your symptoms match:

If you still have questions - or answers to My questions get back to us and we'll continue to research this issue.

absolutely no other problems on the tree, no fert. or compact. and watered reg. when not enough rain. just two springs ago it happened. no bugs, spots, holes in leaves. is there anything i can do to reverse any herb. damage if indeed that is what it was? or can i just fertilize it with a bit of nitrogen and see if that helps? will take a pic when all the leaves are formed and it has an apple or two this year. last year lots of marble sized apples.

If this is herbicide damage, and the tree is still living it may recover, but probably won't ever be as hearty as it could have been. You could try applying fertilizer, but at half the recommended amount (if the leaves and fruit are small and sickly, you can bet the roots have also been adversely affected, and they will not be able to absorb fertilizer effectively). If it survives this year you should consider pruning it somewhat. If the roots are struggling, they aren't able to support a large canopy. If the tree does produce apples this year you should remove most of them - once again in order to give the roots a chance to recover and grow large enough to support the tree.

thank you for your time. if i get a chance later will send a photo.