seedlings dying

Asked May 2, 2016, 10:12 AM EDT

I've started tomato, peppers, and cucumber seeds indoors all come up and get about 1"-1.5" high then seem to wilt. I been pulling the wilted plants out but the other seedlings seem to follow suit. I planted them in peat cups. styrofoam, and plastic starter containers. I have them setting by a window and I turm them when they start to lean toward the light. I water them good about two to three times/wk.

Baltimore County Maryland

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You may be referring to damping off, a fungal disease. The soil media may be poorly drained and kept too wet. They need holes for drainage.
Use soil less potting media for growing transplants. Don't over-water seedlings grown indoors or in a greenhouse or cold frame. Allow the top of the growing mix to dry slightly before watering. Plant seeds and transplants in loose, well-drained soil. Infected plants should be pulled up immediately, indoors or out in the garden, and composted. See more information on damping off indoors and in the garden
and tips on Seed Starting Indoors
After germination, seedlings require strong light. Place them 1-2” beneath a fluorescent fixture for 14 to16 hours a day.