Tulips in Maryland

Asked April 30, 2016, 3:44 PM EDT

We planted tulip bulbs which flowered last year but don't seem to be coming up this year. Is it too early or is there another problem? Is it the weather conditions of the mid-Atlantic? I have been searching your site and others for an answer but without success.

Montgomery County Maryland flowers tulips not coming back

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If the tulips did not come up, dig down to make sure they did not rot. If you have wildlife in the area, deer and rabbits like tulips. Most tulips nowadays are bred to produce flowers for one or two seasons. After that, foliage comes up but no flowers. There are "perennial" tulips that produce flowers for several years.

Read the attached link for more information to see if there was something you may have missed. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/bulbs/qa.cfm

When we dug down we found a blackened empty bulb shell. Can't help but wonder if the moisture from our 3' of snow caused them to rot. We also have mice and chipmunks but did not see evidence of digging. The bulbs were a Mother's Day gift purchased in Oregon. They seem to have perfect weather there for annual blooms. Thanks for your help.