Black Walnut trees

Asked April 30, 2016, 9:26 AM EDT

We have quite a few black walnut trees and clay soil. We understand the difficulties but would like to plant some other types of trees. We are doing ok with River Birches. Do you have any other suggestions of trees we might try. We understand the risks.

Eaton County Michigan

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I'm glad you are interested in planting a diverse selection of plants. Listed as not sensitive to black walnut's juglone toxicity are black locust, catalpa, Eastern redbud, hackberry, Canadian hemlock, hickory, most maples, oaks, pagoda dogwood, poplar, Eastern redcedar, cherry, arborvitae, pawpaw, sycamore, serviceberry, witchhazel, goldenraintree, tulip tree.

American elm is listed too. Select the Dutch elm disease-resistant hybrids like 'Valley Forge' or 'New Harmony'.

Of course, you need to match the tree to the other growing conditions/area you have-- mature tree size, amount of sun, soil pH, moisture, USDA hardiness zone (yours is zone 5), wind exposure; as well as selecting ones that grow in clay soil.

For clay soils, here is a list of trees you may cross-reference with those that tolerate juglone-

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