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I am in Norfolk Va and have a 15 year old Celeste and Brown Turkey fig tree- I understand the Celeste and Brown Turkey can get "10 to 20 feet high."? That is quite a range- can I keep my tree under 10 feet without too much excessive pruning? Are there pitfalls to pruning? Is it true that I am supposed to strip off the large leaves to help the fruit develop? i
ALSO - Do I have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping a Myer Lemon semi-dwarf tree alive in a sunny fenced corner of a yard if I burlap, heap leaves on it, Christams lights, poprtable green house or WHATEVER to keep it alive during cold winters? (Norfolk- I think zone 7a?)

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Below is a publication on fig care. Their guide to training pruning has good information on heading back (reducing size) - "Beginning the second year after planting, if more branching is desired, head back the bush each spring after danger of frost is past but before growth has started. Do this by removing about one-third to one-half the length of the annual growth.

Also, prune out all dead wood, and remove branches that interfere with growth of the leaders. Cut off low-growing lateral branches and all sucker growth that is not needed for replacement of broken leaders.

Do not leave bare, unproductive stubs when you prune. These stubs are entry points for wood decay organisms. Make all pruning cuts back to a bud or branch."


For the lemon, there is no definitive answer unfortunately. As you stated, we are out of zone for normal outdoor growth. You can try winter protection, but it really depends on our winter weather - how cold, how wet, how windy - and we know in Tidewater that is always an unknown.

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