Asked April 29, 2016, 9:48 AM EDT

I was given a bulb in a clear glass container with only water and stones and instructions to just keep the water to the base of the bulb. It was placed in a bright window and produced flowers on 3 seperate times since Christmas. Now it has 4 or 5 very long leaves that are healthy green but I dont know if I should just keep doing what I have been or does it need to be planted in soil. I have read everything and cant find an answer. Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hanover County Virginia horticulture

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I would recommend planting it in soil. According to Nebraska Extension ( The preferred soil mix for amaryllis is high in organic matter such as two parts of loam soil to one part of perlite to one part of well rotted manure. If manure is not available, another source of organic matter, such as peat, leaf mold, composted bark or wood or compost, may be used. Five- to six-inch pots are suitable, but the best size depends on the size of the bulbs which vary considerably. A space of approximately 2 inches between the bulb and the edge of the pot is desirable.