rose rosette disease

Asked April 29, 2016, 8:53 AM EDT

I have 3 yr old knockout roses. They did well first couple yrs but now notice no blooms this spring, elongated crimson leaves and just plain ugly. There are not really areas of excessive thorniness, but not sure if this was a requirement for true rose rosette disease. My neighbors knockouts are beautiful. I was having trugreen spray the yard for the past coupke yrs and thought possibly some of their herbacide blew on the roses? Have included pics. Thank you.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina

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Our expert looked at your photos and said that it is too early to say for sure what is going on with your roses based on your photos. If it is rose rosette, it will get worse. If it is herbicide damage, the plants will probably recover if they are treated appropriately, getting enough water, etc. vw