Hydroponic farming

Asked April 28, 2016, 3:32 PM EDT

Am using hydroponic gardening to grow herbs and a few plants through the winter. I'm hooked! My requests: 1. I would like to visit a hydroponic farm. I found a hydroponic farm in Virginia, Endless Summer. Is there a farm closer to Columbia, MS 2. I would like to talk with someone at UM extension or, other agency, about hydroponic farming. Is there a resource person on staff? Thank you, Kay Myers

Howard County Maryland

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I am currently a horticulture specialist at Delaware State University. I worked with hydroponic systems at Lincoln University of Missouri and would be able to answer some of your questions. meanwhile, I am looking out for an expert at UM extension and will inform you in due course. My email address is rogutu@desu.edu. I look forward to addressing your concerns.