Plant ID?

Asked April 28, 2016, 3:00 PM EDT

I have this in my garden & would like to know if it's native or invasive (or just a thug ... it's spreading quickly !).

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your plant looks like a geranium, some of which are native, others are not. If you like the plant, you could allow it to flower. With a flower photo, we would be better able to identify it. If you do not like it, do not allow it to flower, otherwise you will have more. vw

Here's the flower, from last year (about to bloom any day now). Would like to know specifics on genus/species & if invasive or "thug" !! Thanks.

We contacted our native plant specialist regarding an identification. Based on your last photo the plant looks like Anemone canadensis, Canadian anemone, a native groundcover. See the attached link to see if this is what you are referring to.

This groundcover is a rhizomatous plant that can spread aggressively in the landscape. You will have to decide if you want to keep it. If you do not like it in that area, maybe you can transplant to another area in your landscape. mh

Sorry for the confusion but It is difficult to identify plants from photos and after doing more research we would like to add some additional information.

The plant is in the Buttercup FAMILY. It’s one of the Anemone’s, not sure which one. To see species of Anemone native to Maryland visit

All you can do is monitor the plant this growing season. If this is not what you are noticing, you can take additional clear photos of the whole clump, flowers, and stems showing the foliage. (opposite or alternate).