Asked April 28, 2016, 10:40 AM EDT

i take care of the family pastures (maintain irrigation) and was wondering what is the best way to get rid of weeds in the pastures. We have horse weed and a few others.not real bad but want to stop it and get rid of it.The family does not want to use chemicals as we are right on the Metolius river and Jack creek. what can I suggest. We lease the pastures out for cows in the summer so they will be grazed upon. They fenced of the worst part but I dont think that is the answer. Can you help me ?

Jefferson County Oregon

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A couple of ideas come to mind. Carry a shovel or hoe, when changing water or walking across the pasture, and clip them off. You could use a weed eater to take down the plants. Clip or mow off in the bud stage *(just before flowering) and the Horseweed will not create seed (annual plant). But there are seeds in the soil from years before. You just do not want the weeds creating any more seed to spread across the pasture.

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