Acidification of my soil

Asked April 27, 2016, 9:32 PM EDT

My recent soil test demonstrates that the soil pH of my vegetable garden is 7.7, up from my previous test. I am concerned because it is my understanding that most of the vegetables I hope to grow do best at a pH of approximately 6.5. What is the best way to acidify my soil now to ensure good results with my efforts to grow vegetables? Also, is there something I should avoid doing that would further alkalinize my soil?

Macomb County Michigan ph soil and fertility issues

1 Response

I have included an article on how to reduce the soil pH in your vegetable garden. Please refer to your soil test results for more information on the type of your soil for treating it. Have you been amending your soil in the past? And if so with what. This key may help determine how you can avoid this situation in the future.