Tomato Blight

Asked April 27, 2016, 5:40 PM EDT

Last year we bought very expensive potting mix for our tomato buckets. We added very rich, reliable compost. We only used organic fertilizer. We did all of this so we wouldn't have to get brand new soil this year. A few of our plants got blight. Would those pathogens be in the soil? Should we replace all the soil in our buckets? We didn't mark which buckets had the blighted tomatoes, so we would have to replace the soil in all of them, if you think it's necessary.

Thank you for your help!

Wayne County Michigan

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Each year tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, or potatoes are grown in buckets, the growing medium should be replaced the following year. Of the 4 crops I listed, all of them are in the solanaceae family which means they get and share the same diseases. Most of the diseases for these crops are soil borne.

Here is a link to Tomato Diseases from Iowa State University explaining the diseases. https://store.extension If this link does not work, Google Iowa State Tomato Diseases and it should come up.

As for what to spray to hold the tomato diseases in check use Daconil or Fungonil. These are not organic sprays. Having said this they have been on the market for well over 30 years.

Serenade is an organic OMRI certified fungicide that could be used. Google Serenade Garden Disease Control Concentrate. Whichever spray program you choose it is important to follow the label and spray as often as the label will let you to stay on top of these diseases.

Thanks so much for your fast response!

You're very welcome. Just give me a call or email if I can be of further help.