Crazy worms

Asked April 27, 2016, 10:43 AM EDT

Hello, I am a member of the Highcliffe Terrace Garden Club located in southwest Michigan. One of our members brought up an email she received from her sister in Wisconsin about an invasive worm called "crazy worms". They recommend that you do not transfer plants from one garden to another, because this particular worm can move and infest another area. I have found several articles that talk about it within Canada as well as Wisconsin. We are wondering if it is located here in Michigan. We have an event called "Plant it Forward" in which we give free plants to persons who cannot afford them. We dig them out of our gardens and donate them. We are wondering that if we do have these worms, are we potentially spreading this invasive worm. I am in charge of getting more information and finding out what we can do to prevent this potential problem. THank you for your help!

Berrien County Michigan

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I have not heard that these worms have been found in Michigan. They were found in DuPage and Cook counties in Illinois in 2015 though. One would think that Berrien County will be the first county in Michigan they show up in.

If they are in the beds you're digging transplants from, then moving soil from that bed would likely transfer the worms too.

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