Need a wholesale buyer for purple carrots on east coast

Asked April 26, 2016, 9:58 PM EDT

This year I planted 3 acres of purple carrots in organic black soil because I planted an acre last year and they are unbelievable excellent in taste. My son took them to his cooking class at the CIA in Hyde Park ny and the restaurants said they are the best tasting mini carrots ever cooked with... I need to find a buyer for these purple mini carrots which will come to harvest in sept 2016 and Oct 2016. These purple carrots have a special enzymes that help prevent cancer. Can you tell me a buyer for these beautiful purple mino carrots as I will have about 4000 bushels thus year to sell...

Warren County New Jersey

1 Response

Typically we suggest folks line up buyers before they produce a product as funding buyers can often prove difficult. Finding a buyer does not necessarily mean the final price will be appropriate for the grower.

One suggestion is the regional produce auctions as an outlet. Other than that we do not know of actual buyers. Perhaps regional food brokers would be interested in these carrots will be have GAP certification post harvest and meet industry standard guidelines. Maybe your local farmers markets would also be interested in carrying this product?