propagating root stock

Asked April 26, 2016, 1:58 PM EDT

I have apple trees that died "above ground" last year but I left them there to see if they would show life from the root-graft...for possible grafting with a limb of another tree. This Spring shoots started growing from the root stock/graft...I want to use this growth to produce other root stock trees for future grafting ( I think this growth area can be referred to as a stool-stock??). Q: Should I cover the new growth with mulch/soil to encourage growth? Q: How do I remove pieces of this growth from the "mother" stock to grow another tree for grafting? Thank you, George Maurer Somerset, WI

Polk County Wisconsin

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George, I think generally you are on the right track although there are too many details on the subject to get into here. Plus, I don't really consider myself an expert in this area. I suggest you watch this video, might help answer some of your questions. Good luck. Jon