We have a farmer who has a pig farm in Hardin County and transfers his pig...

Asked April 26, 2016, 11:02 AM EDT

We have a farmer who has a pig farm in Hardin County and transfers his pig waste to a slurry tank around the corner from our house in Allen County. Yesterday (April 25, 5pm) he spread that slurry on a freshly plowed field and then it rained last night. Often times, he takes his slurry transport hoses (really long hoses) on both sides of our property and runs them across the fields through the waterways and through the culverts that go under the road to put the slurry over there too. To my knowledge he has no pigs in Allen County, just transports the waste to Allen County to put in the slurry tank. He spreads (or rather shoots it up in the air like 10' high over the field) this waste on occasionally up to several times a month. He probably put it on the field to the west of us last year about 4 times in the Spring before he planted. Anyway, I have lived on this property my whole life, I have been surrounded by farms my whole life and farm odors (we have horses). Pig slurry is completely differently ball game and horrible. We can't open our windows, go outside and your clothes immediately smell of pig waste. We can't even enjoy our pool or entertain our friends because of the odor, you can barely breathe when you go outside. My friend came over last night and said they could smell it over a mile away on her way over. This morning when I got up, the smell had abated some, but I imagine that is due to the rain we had last night. We have a well, I am just curious if this will be doing anything to our drinking water, who should I contact about my concerns?

Allen County Ohio

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Because the application of swine manure is made in Allen County, Ohio, I'd recommend you contact the Allen Soil & Water Conservation District, 1601 E. 4th Street, Suite B, Lima, Ohio 45804, Phone: 419-223-0040