effectiveness of organic fertilizer (poultry manure) on the shelf life of parsley plant

Asked April 26, 2016, 5:27 AM EDT

I want to carry out a research on the subject above, I am a student at NRDC here in Zambia who is interested in parsley production . The most of the Farmers in Zambia don't the cultural practices that are involved in producing parsley and I to be helped with information of my research your assistant will be highly appreciated my email is kanyembo93@gmail.com

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I would suggest you take a look at the many articles that can be found through our search function. The results you get will depend on the word or phrase you enter in the search box.

For example, the following resulted from my entering the search phrase "organic parsley production":


You can then scroll through the results to see if there is anything of interest.

Here is a fairly comprehensive document on herb production in organic systems:


I hope this helps.