Growing Celeste/Brown Turkey figs in Atlanta

Asked April 25, 2016, 11:22 AM EDT

Can I leave my potted fig trees out all winter? If I do bring them in for a frost or snow, how long can they be inside without having to readjust gradually back to outside above freezing temps? It can snow here one day and be way above freezing the next. I am in Zone 7. They are about a foot tall now. Thank you!

Forsyth County Georgia

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Figs do well outside in GA, why not add it to your landscape / garden? Even in Forsyth County.


You can leave it out until we're gonna have sub 32F temps for any length of pots with any soil moisture can freeze as well.

See this for growing outside:

Contact the Forsyth County Agent, Heather Kolich at 770-887-2814 for more specific info.

I love in a townhouse with a very, very small yard. Most of the yard is unavailable for digging due to power, gas and cable lines! : (
Thank you very, very much for your response to my question and for the websites you have recommended!
I'll sign,
Frustrated Midwest Gardner in the south with a tiny, unusable growing space! Lol!