Arborvitae trees and Mosquitoes???

Asked April 24, 2016, 6:56 PM EDT

I have heard it said by people that are suppose to be in the know that Mosquitoes are not attracted by Arborvitae trees. Well sir, since I have planted this plat around my house I have been inundated by thousands of mosquitoes. If Arborvitae do not attract these pests, what is going on? I have checked high and low for standing water. I have even put oil down in my gutters in case there may be standing water underground where my drain lines run that I can't see. I am on the verge of snatching these beautiful trees out and sending them to the dump. I paid about $400.00 for them from Lowe's and they are well established and beautiful. I'm at my wits end and I'm close to murdering these trees. HELP!


Sumner County Tennessee

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I don't think the arborvitaes are the cause of your mosquito problem. If a larval or water source cannot be found near your property, it is possible floodwater mosquitoes, such as Aedes vexans, are responsible for your mosquito problem. Floodwater species can fly up to 15 miles which makes it difficult to locate the larval source. Where repellent when outdoors to prevent bites. For more information on floodwater mosquitoes, see