No bloom cherry tree

Asked April 23, 2016, 11:24 AM EDT

Our Autumn Cherry tree, (Prunus subhertella 'Autumnalis') has failed to bloom this Spring. As of April 23, there are neither blooms nor leaves. The tree appears perfectly healthy. The branches are green inside. We planted it 4 years ago and until this Spring it has bloomed beautifully every year in late March/early April, the same time the cherry tree's everywhere in this DC/MD bloom. All the cherry trees in the neighborhood have already bloomed and leafed. It is at least 14 feet tall and looks healthy other than being bare. There are no bugs on it. The oak leaf hydrangea near it is healthy and full of leaves. But there is not a bud in sight on the Cherry. It is dormant as though it be winter. What's going on? (Note: is is a more detailed question than one posted earlier.)

Montgomery County Maryland cherry trees

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